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If you search for slot machines to play, then you need to determine the best one that offers excellent payouts. But the question is how? You may consider several criteria for the selection purpose like casino location, theme, graphics, or other factors. However, to derive the very best, you need to take into consideration hit frequency and RTP. So, what is RTP and how you can win more jackpots using it?

All about RTP online slots

Return to Player ‘RTP’ is considered to be the winning percentage chance as you pull the lever. Different RTP is rated with every slot/game, thus allowing you to enjoy more profits from some machines. RTP takes into consideration the average of thousands of players and games. Therefore, most free spins along with bonuses are offered to the slots having top RTP. Hence, you stand to gain more winning opportunities with better RTP.

With more completion among online casinos, the RTP or slot games can be expected to be more. It measures slots on the different virtual betting platforms s well as the average money bet percentage the player earns over time. With RTP, you get to measure long term winning expectations, the percentage of which averages at least 1,000 of last bets. However, it comes with volatile short-term odds.

Winning statistics tend to differ from one state to the other. The casino company’s home state is what regulates online slots. However, RTP calculation is universal. This means the casino stands to earn a 10% amount from the players’ money, thus making the RTP 90%. It represents the player’s error margin percent. Hence, 90% RTP means you face a 10% loss.

Online slot machines regulation

The odd percentage is usually displayed on slots in the U.S. to indicate the player’s RTP. In Indiana, gambling is considered illegal. Hence, casino slots are not regarded as slot devices technically. Rather, there are referred to as video scratch tickets. Therefore, unless any machine is specifically considered as online slots, there is no need to display RTP. On the other hand, true slots are required to display the RTP percentage.


To increase your earning chances, it will be better to select a high RTP machine to play the game.  Do keep in mind that slots account for the majority of the earnings for casinos, be it online or offline. Hence, casinos implement strategies to make players lose the game more.

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