Online blackjack variations

Many are addicted to gambling and love to play different types of casino games. You may perhaps be interested to play blackjack. Before playing the game, you need to know about the variations present. There are several variations easily available online ranging from ‘21’ theme to standard rules (European or US). Liver dealer games designed to play on mobile devices including those large progressive jackpots are completely entertaining.

Standard games

Two basic formats are followed, namely European and US rules. The dealer at the game’s initial stages deals in two cards, namely face-up and face-down The dealer peeks for blackjack if his/her visible card is found to be a 10 or ace card. In absence of blackjack, the hidden card is likely to be among Ace to 9, if the ace is visible. Otherwise, if ‘10’ is visible, then it is not an ace. You also are allowed to double-down on the desired score. On the other hand, during the game’s initial hand, the dealer is provided with a single hand in European blackjack. Based on the dealer’s visible card including the total, the player is to act accordingly. The best is however considered to be single-deck games.

Geo-specific variations

One such popular variation is ’Spanish 21’. Cut down deck involving 48 cards is used in the game, but after removing the 10’s. Certain hands are offered with bonus payouts. Another variation is the ‘Pontoon’, a popular British game. In this type, all players are to complete their actions before you get to view the dealer’s cards.

Blackjack having Side Bets

Most games promoted as blackjack variations are standard Vegas Strip rules included with a side game. When compare to the main game, the extra bets provide a larger house edge and earning opportunities. ‘Perfect Pairs’ is a popular variant, a side bet, free of the dealer’s hand. Super Fun 21 offers players with bonus on busting the dealer, while Bonus Blackjack is based on aces. On hitting 4 suited aces, you win big.

There are numerous games created designed on online blackjack rules and are quite exciting. Some examples include Ante Up 21considered to be a wonderful combination of blackjack and Poker. Another game, Burn 21 allows you to burn (eliminate) your top card with the desired replacement. Blackjack Switch is another variant, where you can bet on two hands and exchange the top card.

Getting to know the different variations will allow you to play blackjack without getting bored.

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