All About Hotels

What is a hotel?

This is a facility containing at least six rooms that offers accommodation to travellers and tourists on a short term basis. Hotels also provide entertainment services and facilities, dining services, event hosting and meeting and conferencing facilities and services. The nature of services offered in a hotel is dependent on its location and the core target clientele. For example, a hotel in a holiday and vacation destination is more likely to offer relaxation and entertainment services as opposed to conferencing and meeting facilities and services.

Who would use a hotel?

cheap hotels in eastleigh can be used by tourists who have come to explore the area.

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However, the locals could also utilise the hotels for different social events during the year. Business travellers can utilise the hotels to close business deals and hold meetings with their clients, partners, shareholders and even different government officials.

What are common features of hotels?

Hotels, irrespective of whether they are cheap hotels in Eastleigh or luxurious high end hotels in the Maldives, have some common features. This includes staff members who specialise on different areas within the hospitality industry, availability of accommodation facilities, restaurants, a wide range of entertainment facilities for guests, great security at all hours and availability of parking space for guests.

Why do people use hotels?

Organisations may use hotels to host meetings, events and conferences in the absence of large facilities in their businesses premises. When they do this, they not only get to use the high quality confer3ncong and meeting rooms but also get the assistance of highly experienced hotel staff. This improves the overall experience of clients or stakeholders.

Another reason why people use hotels is to use the entertainment and relaxation facilities available. These may include beauty spas, live band entertainment, live music mixes by djs, watch games and sports with friends or family, let kids enjoy the waterparks and other available activities and so on. Besides, hotels offer an opportunity to take a break from day to day activities and get pampered and spoilt by the staff.

Dining is one of the most common reasons why people visit hotels. It could be to treat family members or friends on special occasions or just to enjoy a great meal. The dining experience is informed by the hotel selected, the cuisines on offer and other supplementary services like the music played during the meal and the general hotel ambience.

Hotels organise or host interesting events from time to time. These may include music concerts, competitions, educational events, screening movies, comedy sessions and so on. This attracts people to the hotel and when someone attends such an event and likes the facilities, he or she may come back later.

When do people use hotels?

While some people may think that hotels are a reserve for special occasions, others understand that they do not need a special reason to visit a hotel. People may use hotels when in need of some well deserved rest and pampering- say after a stressful day, when on vacation or holiday away from home, when on a business trip, when trying to impress a business partner or client or even a prospective spouse and so on.